Garden Fresh Naperville delivers the freshest produce and the best quality products seven days a week!


​Garden Fresh Naperville provides customers with an experience. Whether it is our full line of deli meats and cheeses, our award winning produce selection, or the warm welcome everyone receives, Garden Fresh Naperville is the number one destination for all Naperville grocery needs.



You can always count on Garden Fresh Naperville to deliver fresh produce around the clock. Our “From Farm to Fork” policy ensures you get quality products without worrying about it overstaying on our shelves or during delivery. We only deal with leading suppliers and farmers in the region who guarantee us of timely deliveries. Our store is open 7 days a week and remains open till late to allow you to make late orders. All our products whether meat, vegetables, deli, and dairy products are handled hygienically and conform to the highest standards of safety and hygiene. They are free of any additives, preservatives or compounds that affect the quality of produce or your health. Despite the high quality, our products come with very competitive prices especially if you take advantage of our weekly ads and offers. Why spend more? Simply visit our store today!



Our dairy section offers you different kinds of fresh milk products that are delivered to our store daily. This assures you of freshness as well as top quality. We source our product from individuals and firms that maintain high standards of professionalism and safety. Our different types and brands of dairy products come with pocket-friendly prices to suit your budget. Our selection includes fresh milk (cow & goat), eggs, yogurt (traditional & exotic), cheese, fruit juices, shakes and much more. Garden Fresh Naperville also stocks gourmet cheese that is suitable for that special occasion, entertainment or snack.



Visit our store for a range of deli options that will have you started on any kind of snack or even a complete meal. Most of the meals are prepared on site and in the most hygienic conditions. You also have the opportunity to have a start or meal tailor-made to nourish your taste buds. Our experienced kitchen staff is always at hand to answer any of your questions regarding our deli and can give you a free taste or slice of the items on display. Some of the items included in our deli package include; Sandwiches and Wraps (pre-packaged as well as made-to-order), Entrees and Sides (prepared using fresh meat and produce from our store), Salads for any season or occasion, deli cheese and meat, and much more. To order simply visit our deli kiosk or give us a call. Our friendly and skilled staff is always waiting for your order.



Since the beginning, our aspiration has been and still is to offer you the freshest meat at affordable cost. We are not just another meat store but your trusted local butcher, and this is why we ensure you will find your desired meat at all times. As our customer, you will appreciate our range of meat that gives you that important delicacy. In order to keep up with the increasing demand, we always add more meat varieties to our inventory. Our experienced and dedicated staff will guide you on choosing the best cut of meat or even how to prepare it. If you are looking for special tips and recipes you can always like us on Facebook for recipes. Our meat selection includes different kinds of Steak, Roast, Patties, Sausage, Lamb, Veal, Poultry (chicken, duck & turkey), Pork and much more.



Garden Fresh Naperville's bakery section offers you an assortment of pastries which are available as self-serve or full service. All of our products are prepared from our kitchen and made using the freshest ingredients. This assures you of great tasting and mouth-watering cakes, buns, bread, rolls and much more. We also have gluten-free products for those who are sensitive to gluten. You can take a look at our recipe that guides you on how to prepare delicious products. Some of the products you will find in our store include Dinner Rolls, Kaiser Rolls, Wheat Rolls, Sub Rolls, Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns, French Bread, Cheese Bread, Italian Bread, artisan bread and much more. For the person with a sweet tooth you will appreciates our range of cookies, pies, desserts , brownies, cakes, dessert breads and more. Start your day off with freshly-made coffeecakes, muffins, donuts, or almond horns.



Garden Fresh Naperville stocks an assortment of food items from leading brands to cater for any of your needs whether for home or commercial use. You will find the freshest meat, vegetables and pastries, your favourite brands, a premium stocked deli, and an imported/exotic grocery section featuring items from many parts of the world. We also offer a complete range of all-natural and organic, gluten-free products, as well as frozen products. Take advantage of our bulk food service that allows you buy as much as you want without worrying about packaging. Our shelves are always fully stocked to make certain that at no point will you miss a product you want. Visit us for your most preferred artisan or ethnic foods that come with affordable prices. We have strict and high quality standards that are meant to safeguard you from poor-quality or substandard products. Visit us today!




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